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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Crazy Amazing Consignment Calendar

Prior to the beginning of each consignment sale season, I put together a calendar to keep all of the dates straight. This year I have been anxiously awaiting for my favorite sales to post their dates on their websites. After several years of heading out all over town to shop at the a bunch of different sales, I have narrowed down my list to my 10 favorite sales. I don't always make it to all ten each season, but these are the 10 in my area that I think are worth going to. Trust me, I have been to a lot more that I have crossed off my list.

Not all consignment sales are created equal. Some are much better run and better organized than others. Some of the sales listed on the calendar I only shop at, others I consign with, and my favorites I volunteer for. There are definite advantages to both consigning and volunteering.

Below is a copy of the calendar I will be using to keep track of the sales in my area this year. If you would like a MS Word copy that includes links to all of the sales websites leave a comment and I will email you a copy. If you are not in my area, remember to check out the KCS website to find sales near you.

Successful Consignment Sale Shopping Tips -- Coming Soon

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