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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Twice is Nice

Growing up my mom and one of her best friends ran a children's consignment sale out of our house. Twice a year we had to give up our playroom and our garage as they began to fill-up with clothing and toys. I remember that when I was a child, I despised those sale weeks. Not only was my mom SUPER busy, but I was also limited to where I could play. My mom quit running the sale about the time I started middle school. By that time, I wore uniforms to school, so shopping for clothes was very different than when I was younger.

To be honest, I hadn't really thought much about consignment sales over the years until I was pregnant with my older daughter. At the time, I was constantly checking Craigslist to look for great deals on baby gear. One day, I came across a post for a consignment sale that was being held by a PTA to benefit a local elementary.

After that first experience with consignment sales as a mom I was hooked, and I began seeking out more sales in my area. Thankfully, I am in an area that has A LOT of sales, so I have the opportunity to go to a bunch. (To find consignment sales in your area check out the KCS website and click on "seasonal sales.")

Why do I love consignment sales so much?
1) THEY'RE CHARITABLE! The majority benefit churches, schools, or other non-profit organizations. Even the sales run by individuals often donate at least a portion of their proceeds to a chosen charity.
2) THEY'RE GREEN! Consignment sales are a great way to recycle perfectly good used clothing.
3) THEY'RE CHEAP! Clothing (and toys for that matter) are generally priced 50% or more below the original retail price. I have gotten so used to consingment sale prices on clothes that these days I can even get sticker shock from the prices on clothing at Target and Walmart.

This post is the first of a series I am starting on consignment sales. I am also planning posts on consignment sale tips as well as profiles of the local sales that I love.

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