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Monday, January 10, 2011

If only it hadn't been 2:00 AM...

With a big (well for Nashville anyway) snowstorm headed our way last night, I had the feeling that my daughters' preschool would be closed today. What you may not know is that my older daughter LOVES school. She actually loves anything that takes her out of the house. With that in mind, I wanted to prepare her for the fact that there was a snow storm on the way, and she would probably be spending Monday at home rather than with her friends and teachers at school. I told her that even though it hadn't started snowing yet, there might be a lot of snow on the ground when she woke up.


Instead of going to sleep, I am pretty sure she laid in bed all night waiting for the snow to start. When I went in to check on her 4 hours later, she was laying there with eyes-wide-open just staring at the ceiling. The next thing I knew she was out of bed and changing into "warmer" pj's. Putting her back to bed, I told her that she needed to go right to sleep. It was approaching midnight after all.

A couple hours later around 2:00AM a woke up and sat bolt-right up in bed. I could hear both girls talking to one another. They share a bedroom, so we are used to hearing this start at some point between 5:00 and 6:00 each morning, but not at 2:00. When I walked across the hall I saw one of the sweetest sights I've ever seen, if only it hadn't been 2:00AM:

Both girls
sitting on one bed 
snuggled together
blinds raised
watching the snow
quietly talking and giggling

If only it hadn't been 2:00AM.

What a sweet sight, and yet we had to break it up.
Discipline the older one.
Get both back to sleep.


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