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Monday, April 5, 2010

Do All the Good You Can

I have a new series of posts that I am going to start writing based on the quote above by John Wesley.  My primary love language is gifting, so I am always trying to find simple and inexpensive ways to spread joy to others.  This is my first post in the series.

A few months ago when I attended the Faithful Provisions Grocery Savings Workshop, I heard Kelly repeatedly say that military families were allowed to use expired coupons. I had only been couponing a couple of months at that point, but I had already had to toss a number of expired coupons in the recycling bin.

As the sister of an Iraq war veteran who was stationed in Germany before and after his deployment to Baghdad, I decided to look into giving away coupons to military families.  I found out that only military families who are stationed abroad are able to use the expired coupons, and they can only use them for up to 3 months past the expiration date.  This means that it is important to get the expired coupons in the mail just as soon as you can.

Last month was my first month to send expired coupons abroad.  I chose to send them to Baumholder, the military base in Germany where my brother had once been stationed, but there are a great number of U.S. military bases throughout the world to choose from.  Just make sure to sort your coupons into two labeled zip-lock bags -- one for food and one for non-food items.  Toss them in a manila envelope and ship it via parcel post to save money.

If you have more questions about this check out these sites for more information:

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