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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pantry Challenge Week 1 Check-in


It's been a week since I started the Pantry Challenge along with Kelly @Faithful Provisions and FishMama @ LifeasMom. I am happy to report that my grocery spending for last week came in at $65, which is about 35% below my normal spending!

I have pretty much stuck to my plan for week 1 of the challenge. Additionally, I was able to make biscuits for dinner with my friends on Monday night (we have a really informal potluck each week) and 16 mini-loaves of Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread for the "Bread for the Journey" program for visitors to my church. I also have one carry over meal (Cheez-It Chicken Tenders) from last week that we never made. We had so much food from the recipes that I made that we actually had to have a left-over night and eat some left-overs for lunches so that nothing would go to waste.

I had not intended to do any stocking-up this month while doing this challenge, BUT on Wednesday Harris Teeter (one of our local grocery stores) anounced Super Double coupons this week, meaning that they were planning to double any coupon $1.98 or less. Well, I couldn't pass that up, so today I ended up spending $57 stocking-up. I may head back tomorrow to get a few more baby items for the little one while the sale is still going on.

I am also going to revise my week 2 menu to better reflect what I have on hand. I think I can also go ahead and plan for week 3.


Cheez-It Chicken Tenders with Salad

Pecan Crusted Chicken Tenders with Salad

Parmesan Crusted Porkchops with broccoli and rice

Santa Fe Chicken with Spanish Rice and Black Beans

Pizza Night


Vegetarian Black Bean Chili (Sunday School Chili Cook-off Potluck)

Chicken Taco Grande

Super Pot Roast

Grilled Chicken Breast and Vegetable Soup

Penne with Asparagus and Cherry Tomatoes with added Chicen Breast

This week is going to be really busy as I head back to work part-time. My husband I are going to be learning how to juggle two with new demands on my time. Hopefully, the planning I have done so far this month will keep us on track.

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  1. Cate, I want the Cheez-it chicken tenders recipe! -Britt