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Thursday, December 31, 2009

If you fail to plan...

New Years Day is always a chance for new beginnings. (You know this if you've ever been to the gym the first Monday in January.) There's something about beginning a new year that makes me want to re-evaluate how I have lived my life in the previous year and commit to making changes for the better.

I spent 9 summers of my life at a Christian summer camp for girls in the mountains of North Carolina. Each morning at the end of breakfast, one of the camp directors would talk to us about goal setting. He would always say, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail," and writing down your goals was the first step to achieving them. With this in mind, I am not only going to write down my goals for 2010, I am going to post them here for everyone to read. I think that making my new year's goals public just might keep me more accountable to them than if I just wrote them down and kept them by my bedside.

Goals for 2010 (in no particular order)

1. Exercise. A healthy mom is a happy mom.

2. Eat Better. I definitely picked up some bad eating habits during pregnancy #2 and its time to break those and get back to eating well.

3. Drink More Water.

4. Read More. I love to read, but I find myself choosing to do other things in the little spare time I have.

5. Get Organized and Stay That Way. I tend to be good at creating organizational systems just not at maintaining them. Maintenance is the key this year.

6. Continue "Greening" my life.

7. Save more money. I am definitely a spender, but I am learning to spend more wisely on the essentials so we have more left over for savings, charitable giving, and fun.

8. Find more time for Friends.

9. Learn to say No (occasionally).

10. Remember that Matthew 22:37-39 should inform all that I do. Am I loving God and loving people (ALL people)?

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